Adran Arun Ealoeth

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Adran Arun Ealoeth(A-Dran a-roon A-lo-whey)
Adran Arun Ealoeth
(A-Dran a-roon A-lo-whey)
Class Avenger
Race Aegean Elf
Hometown Vilruil
Birth Day 15 Ostern 1371 DR [947 WE]
Age 78
Gender Male
Height 6'8"
Weight 200 lbs
Alignment Good
Deity Keedrah
Quote "May retribution be swift and fierce to those who endanger our kin."
Player Scott
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Raised in the tribal community of Vilruil on the Kethren Peninsula of Aeg, Adran has always known a fierce loyalty first and foremost to his immediate tribesmen, and eventually even more so amongst his fellow hunters across the clan once he grew of age to help provide for his people’s sustenance. Displaying a steadfast dedication to the hunt, his relentless determination quickly made him a valued tracker both for procuring exotic game for their tribal feasts as well as while keeping watch over the camp for impeding threats.


Agile and lean, yet muscular to the astute eye, the tall elf wears modest, loose-fitting clothes underneath a hide cloak to protect himself from the elements. He travels light, carrying only a backpack with some simple provisions, a small leather pouch at his hip containing a handful of tokens from personal moments in his life, as well as a long, stately spear that appears to glimmer in the natural light.

Silvery-white hair cascades off his shoulders, with a single braid further down his back. A gnarly, pale scar traces the inside of his right cheekbone down midway to his throat as a constant reminder of his recent brush with death.


Though generally warm and good-natured when among friends, Adran often appears more quiet and reserved when he finds himself in strange areas - particularly in cities that serve as large population centers. Although ever perceptive and curious of his surroundings, the elf can sometimes be painfully unaware of the social cues of modern society … vanity, greed, jealousy … and as such, while he would never intentionally best another to hurt their ego, he would also not hold back his efforts for another’s pride because of a deep-seated tribal mentality that everyone must contribute their very best in order for the tribe to survive.

Admittedly more in his element when surrounded by Keedrah’s blessings, Adran welcomes and does his best to fully embrace the open wilderness when he can as his path today takes him through some of the more “civilized” corners of the world, and he takes pride in being able to provide creature comforts like game for a good meal or an advantageous place to make camp for his trusted companions.

Tribal History

Growing up in a community of roughly a dozen families, bonds were close across the entire tribe as those senior are revered and all look out for and support one another through fortune and famine alike. Noticing that he didn’t play much with the other children of his generation, Adran’s grandfather, Aron Ealoeth – also the tribe’s elder, took a special interest in the boy and in the absence of his father began to teach him to make the most of all that Keedrah offered him, watching the young Adran quickly excel with hunting and fishing in particular. As his intuitive nature was heightened, he found himself becoming all the more aware of nature’s ebbs and flows as he matured, learning not only how to enjoy her beauty without leaving an impact, but also how to take advantage of her features when challenged.

Looking back on his childhood, he cherishes the afternoon adventures that he would enjoy with his grandfather more than any, while mostly just gleeful at the time, in retrospect also serving to set the stage for a greater appreciation of this great big world which he finds himself a part of today.

As soon as he was old enough, Adran was eager to take his first steps toward becoming a man by leaving the rabbits and other small woodland creatures behind to officially join in the tribe’s hunt to help gather food for the entire village. The excursions were sometimes long and arduous, however the lead hunters soon recognized the young man’s kinship with his surroundings as well and used it to their advantage to seek out more enticing quarries that would be the highlight of many celebrations in the years to come. Embracing skills both of spear and of perception as his tracking abilities were honed as well, it was after one unexpected altercation where he was able to warn a neighboring tribe about a roving band of orcs that he began to gain notoriety across the entire clan as a true protector of the people.

Adran’s true cunning and bravery was honored ceremonially when he defeated a purple worm that threatened all that make home on the Beli Vaerendi. Though dozens of each tribe’s best warriors and hunters banded together to face the great beast, it was Adran’s speed and agility across the jungle top that enabled him to exploit a slim weakness in the dragon’s hide with a precision thrust of his spear, thus impairing the worm to the point where the remaining warriors could end its plight of destruction and terror. Later at a memorial for the men who lost their lives fighting the beast, Adran was awarded by the Elders of the seven tribes an ornately decorated purple scale that had been taken from the belly of the worm after its defeat, which he carries as a reminder to remain strong even in the face of great adversity.

Present Day

Although perfectly content hunting and scouting along the outer reaches of western Aeg surrounding the Tribal Ring, one day Adran was approached by the tribe’s elder with a unique opportunity. It was explained that a lone dwarf who had been visiting the tribe sought to return to his homeland in Gallantria, and that the company of a guide was required both for the speed and safety of his journey. Although somewhat reluctant to leave his home and his people, Aron encouraged Adran to undertake this adventure as a means of discovering new things about his place in the world, suggesting that Keedrah may have more waiting for him than the jungles of the Beli Vaerendi have to offer…

And so with an earnest, but hopeful heart, Adran set out aside Oona Stoneforge for Drang Korpen, where they would then take passage across the sea towards a land of foreign uncertainty. Although a bit stiff upon their initial introduction, Oona warmed up to the elf almost immediately and the two quickly bonded as the days grew longer and the miles between Adran and Vilruil increased. Though sometimes apprehensive as they traveled through the smaller towns scattered across the south of the Canton Kingdom, a sense of ease along the open road helped to remind him of Keedrah’s reach even as he explored this strange, new territory.


  • Belt of Dwarvenkind (lvl 7)
  • Holy Symbol of Victory (lvl 9)
  • Zephyr Horseshoes (lvl 9)
  • Bloodthread Cloth Armor +2 (lvl 10)
  • Radiant Long Spear +3 (lvl 15)
  • Hunter's Flint (lvl 2)