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The Scales of Justice
Allegiance Order
Followers Lykoran
Portfolio Law
Centers of Worship Gallans, Gallantria
Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Civilization; Freedom; Justice
High Priest High Justicar Alexandria Kramm
Known Exarchs St. Melchior
Status Living
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Lykora is the Goddess of Law. She is revered throughout the entire Windman continent. One main tenant of Lykora states that law isn't simply to be upheld blindly, but that only through application of good, fair laws, can justice truly be served. Unjust, unfair, cruel or malicious laws are to be fought through every means necessary.


The paladins of Lykora holds a special place in the church hierarchy. Though the High Justicar oversees the ecclesiastical and dogmatic concerns of the church, the duty to execute church commands lies with the paladins.

A paladin of Lykora may intercede in disputes to act as an impartial judge. This may be as simple as stepping in to stop a fight, or presiding over trails. Paladins don't replace the need for secular magistrates, though a Paladin may, in extreme circumstances, claim jurisdiction over touchy legal situations. This can understandably ruffle the feathers of nobility, but it is a paladin's duty to protect the interests of the weak. Misuse of this right is severely punished.

The Paladins of Lykora are lead up by the Twelve Scions of Lykora. The Scions mete out justice on members of the clergy and to paladins who have violated Lykora's laws. They also direct the military concerns of the church in times of Crisis, such as during the Greater Races War and the Blackguard's Siege on Danberg. The Scions meeting hall, known as the Halls of Justice, sits atop a floating island that moves about the Windman continent. To the unobservant eye, the Halls merely look like another cloud.


The only known exarch of Lykora is St Melchior, a Paladin who lived during the time of Haldur. He wields a diamond edged long sword that was forged by the Godsmith himself.

Centers of Worship

The Justizpalast in Gallans, capital of the Gallantrian Empire, serves as the center of a Lykoran worship. It is from here that High Justicar Alexandria Kramm presides over the ministry of Lykora.