Session 17

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March 2, 2012 – Trials

17 Rhel 1441 (?)


One by one, the party realized they were alive, and suspended in some kind of.. something. They dragged themselves out of the viscous liquid and looked around, seeing the others, not quite clear on what had just transpired. The last thing they could all remember was Agueda, stabbed through the chest, and a gigantic hand had arisen from the summoning circle which he had just recently occupied. The blast seemed to go through Oona and knock him down, and the hand grasped the traitorous duke and whisked him upwards, through the stone rock, which collapsed the ceiling upon them.

Journeyed to the Necrotic Floor

Party made the way up the cliff with the psychic blast of memories to try and destroy them

Next trial was the hall of flames, where Oona used his sleeping bag to stop one

Next Trial was the room of ice and jagged stones on the walls

Trial - Maze of doom

Encounters the strange man using his staff to start the problems.

Ran through the maze. Reach a cavern room, Ivon felt his magical powers coming back

Battled many undead, and when they were defeated, saw a small light coming from the ceiling.

Dug their way out and found themselves in a graveyard in the Shadowfell.

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