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July 8, 2011 – The Abduction of Lady Krysta
  • 23 Garnalm - (early morning) - Canton City, Canton
    • One week has passed since the group recovered the Cantonian Crown Jewels.
    • The group was preparing for the new day in the barracks when Sir Bendroden handed a list to Norvaan and instructed him to take the group to the Canton City River Market to purchase fresh vegetables, summer fruits, and dried meats for the cook. A pull cart was provided to transport the purchases.
      • It was suspected the group was chosen for this due to increasing hostilities between the various factions in the city. There had been reports of several altercations between Ducal retinues, though no deaths or serious injuries had yet to occur.
        • Oona had been involved in a few altercations, though the dwarven mercenary was not the instigator in any of them.
    • While in the River Market, the group encountered Lady Krysta and her two White Rose chaperones. There was some polite small talk, then Lady Krysta and the White Roses moved on.
    • As the group was finalizing their grocery purchases, a feminine scream was heard from across the river, on the other side of the market.
      • Leaping into action, the heroes saw multiple ratmen and their dire rat pets assaulting Lady Krysta and her escort. Before the heroes could rush through the market and across the river, both White Roses were overcome, and Lady Krysta was dragged into the Canton City sewers.
      • The heroes fought through the wererat rear-guard and chased the kidnappers down into the sewers, only stopping to check on the White roses. One was dead, the other badly wounded. But the heroes could not stop to help them. Into the sewers they rushed.
      • The dark sewer was a maze of odoriferous filth and treacherous footing, but the heroes were able to follow the abductors and encountered another band of foes set to waylay and delay them. Strange frog-beasts, more wererats, and a vicious were-jackal fell upon the heroes. The lycanthropes were defeated, but the heroes were weakened; several had obvious wounds, and both Darry and Saxon had begun showing signs of Filth Fever. Norvaan's repertoire of aid and healing had run out, but the life of Lady Krysta was at stake. The heroes charged on without pause.
      • The heroes tracked the abductors to sewer drain pipe where a wall had been broken into the sewers from some old, forgotten cellar. As the heroes quietly moved forward to get into position they overheard a voice saying, "We need to get her out of here if we're going to be paid."
      • Knowing Lady Krysta was likely in the abandoned cellar, and soon to be moved, the heroes charged in, surprising a were-jackal and a half-elven spellcaster, along with their hyena pets. Lady Krysta was bound and locked inside a rusty cage. The heroes gave no quarter. The battle was short, but fierce. Adran fell as the were-jackal viciously savaged the Insel elf's throat in its maw. The half-elven caster made his escape through a grate in the far corner of the room as the heroes took their revenge upon the killer were-jackal.
      • The heroes let the half-elf escape, knowing they could not leave their fallen companion nor the semi-comatose Lady Krysta behind to give chase.
      • Oona solemnly gathered up the heroic Adran's limp, bloody body as the others released Lady Krysta and the band headed back to to the market sewer grate they had entered by.
    • When they arrived back in the market, the wererat corpses were gone.
    • (( I forget exactly what happened then, if town guards were there, etc.))
    • The heroic band placed their fallen companion and the slain White Rose into their retrieved pull cart, and brought the distraught Lady Krysta and the wounded White Rose back to the Ducal Barracks. A messenger was sent to inform Duke Carver of what happened.
      • The cook saw the body of Adran and laughed. Oona was a short, hairy blur as the dwarf launched himself onto the hapless cook, pummeling the bigoted cook into unconsciousness. None of the group stopped him, and a few may even have positioned themselves to keep others in the compound from entering the area ... or the cook from fleeing.
    • Shortly after, Duke Carver and Sir Bendroden arrived.
      • The events in the market and sewers were reported. The Duke thanked the heroes and expressed sadness at the loss of Adran. He offered to do what he could to raise the fallen Insel elf.
      • The unconscious, bleeding cook then caught the Duke's attention. He inquired what happened. Darry explained the cook's actions upon seeing Adran's corpse. The Duke asked who beat the cook, and Oona took responsibility. The Duke took no action against the dwarf, merely had the cook removed for treatment of his injuries.
  • I am not adding the "inbetween" stuff here. If anyone wishes to amend the above, feel free.

New NPCs

Unnamed half-elven caster

Rumors, Clues & Information

  • Half-elf caster appeared to be the leader of the abductors. He escaped and vowed we'd not seen the last of him.
  • As the group stealthed towards the cage cave, we heard "We need to get her out of here if we're going to be paid."
  • Opening Vignette


500 gp reward for rescuing Lady Krysta Carver from her abductors.

  • The party pledged the amount towards the resurrection of Adran.

120 gp found on the abductors and in the sewer lair.

  • 20 gp per PC (including Adran), w/ 20 gp placed in the company fund.

A magic item of level 3 or lower.

  • Item and recipient to be determined. We have three weeks. We might be able to do this. ;p

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