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Stinkronimus "Stinky" Stinkelford
Stinky preparing for surgery.
Stinkronimus "Stinky" Stinkelford
Class Very little
Hometown Canton City
Birth Day 1408 DR [984 WE]
Age 42
Height 5'10"
Quote "Stop yelling!"
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Stinky is a sawbones that lives in a small shack on the edge of the wharf in Canton City. Stinky is the one stop shop for lancings, bloodlettings, and amputations in the docks section of the city. To facilitate this, he maintains a large collections of saws, hammers, needles, files, poultices, compresses and bandages. Stinky doesn't appreciate being bothered in the middle of the night, though, and meets any late night intrusions with an angry scowl and a choice selection of colorful metaphors.